I got a speeding ticket from the North Carolina State Police traveling from Myrtle Beach, SC to my home state of Pennsylvania. The police told me that I had to appear in court (which was not possible due to where I lived) or I could hire an attorney to represent me (something that I never had to do before). I was nervous about what would happen next and found Moody Law Offices through a quick Google search. I called the offices and was quickly assured by Attorney Moody of what to do to handle this situation, and things could have not turned out any better. Thank you, Attorney Moody and Moody Law Offices!

Rory Stevens

To Whom It May Concern,

I contacted Mr. Moody on October 17, 2016 abut a drivers license problem I had in North Carolina. He returned my call that very day. The next day he called and had me added to the docket the same week. The next day he called and had already went to the Department of Transportation and indicated that my license was good and everything was taken care of. I didn't even need to go to court, and he actually refunded me some of the money that I had paid him! Just like that. I commend Mr. Moody for his efforts and his immediate response to my license issue. It was impressive, to say the least, to have such prompt attention when contacting an attorney. I would recommend Mr. Moody to anyone that wants attention and resolution.

Denise Coughlin